Are You Planning to Buy a Caravan Park?

Purchasing can be a daunting task for many buyers. Choices on location, ROI (Return on Investment), price or even style of business can be an information overload. Some people starting out in the industry will purchase & operate it for a few years, then sell, often upgrading to a bigger operation, as they obtain the skills required.

There are many people within the motel industry who have owned and operated a number of different motels over the years who say they should have done it earlier. The team at Carapark Sales pride themselves on knowing all aspects of the industry and are able to help you find your ideal business. Call the team to learn more about the industry and what is available within your specific price criteria.

Is Your Caravan Park For Sale? 

Carapark Sales has been around for over 35 years specialising in Caravan Parks and accommodation within Queensland. Ben & Micky’s winning formula is to provide owners honest and truthful information as well discovering what buyers will suit each park.

Working closely with Herron Todd White & John Logan and Associates, the team at Carapark Sales are able to provide owners with superior information. Both Ben & Micky are fully licensed agents which gives owners piece of mind knowing your dealing with agents that take pride in making sure Carapark Sales in the No.1 Accommodation Brokers in QLD

You need Carapark Sales’ extensive experience working for you!