Please read and accept our Non-Disclosure Agreement to obtain further information.

In consideration of “THE AGENT” disclosing to “THE ENQUIRER” confidential information relevant to a certain business/es being offered for sale by “THE AGENT” on behalf of “THE OWNER/OWNERS”, “THE ENQUIRER” agrees as following:

1) That the identity of the business and all financial, marketing and technical information provided by “THE AGENT” is referred to in the agreement as confidential information and will not be used for any purpose other than conducting an evaluation to determine “THE ENQUIRER’S” possible interest in entering into an agreement to purchase the business/es.

2) That any disclosure of confidential information shall be confined to persons reasonably expected to participate in the evaluation of information such as partners, employees and professional advisors.

3) That unless “THE ENQUIRER” actually purchases the business, it agrees not to make use of any confidential information obtained from “THE AGENT” or “THE OWNER” in its present and future business ventures.

4) That if requested by “THE AGENT”, “THE ENQUIRER” will immediately return to “THE AGENT” all written material furnished by “THE AGENT” together with any copies made by “THE ENQUIRER”.

5) That all future enquiries, inspections and purchase negotiations will be conducted exclusively through “THE AGENT” CARAPARK SALES.

6) That this Confidentiality Agreement shall apply to any future requests and subsequent supply of information relating to any other business for sale through “THE AGENT” CARAPARK SALES.